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Welcome to Family.  We deliver insight to brands.

One of the greatest challenges businesses face is to access fresh insights about their brand, audience, competitors and products.  

Family works with a range of tech partners who provide insight to businesses in new or innovative ways. By accessing emerging technologies, businesses are able to explore and scale up their insight capability without expensive hires or investments.  They are also able to stay ahead of the curve with new techniques and approaches.

We invest a huge amount of time researching and understanding the partners and their tools to ensure we maximise their potential. We meet the founders to understand their offering and how they can create value.  We then create mutually-beneficial agreements which allow us to introduce them to relevant businesses in our network.

We have a good eye for insight tools having spent the majority of our careers in advertising and marketing - specifically digital and data - where insight is the cornerstone of successful work.

The benefit of using Family is two-fold:

  1. We spend time finding and filtering our partners and only bring you the best-of-the-best. Plus, all of our partners are complementary to one another so there are no repeated skillsets, technologies or outputs
  2. We support our partners across a number of areas to ensure that when we meet they are geared to your needs and environment.

Example partners

Partner A provides language analysis through a unique comparison approach allowing you to discover insights in a way not possible with other tools
Partner B identifies, collects, and understands social media data to provide real-time emotional analysis on individuals, brands and businesses
Partner C uses data-science to help predict behaviour. They accurately predict elections, performing better than the pollsters.
Partner D uses neuroscience to understand what people really think about your content, packaging or products
Partner E provides analytics for bricks and mortar stores. Using their tech they deliver the same level of customer insight as an ecommerce store 
Partner F provides a platform for companies to have better meetings and workshops. The software allows global teams to feel as if they are in the same room.

Companies who have used Family

Support for partners

We work closely with our partners to ensure they have the best chance of success with the brands we connect them to. We focus on three areas:

Are you match fit?

Delivered through a Discover Define Implement approach focusing on, but not limited to, the following outputs: Brand Positioning, Product Benefits, Competitor Understanding, Pricing and Marketing Collateral

Existing client relationships

Delivered through a series of workshops with stakeholders we follow a proven process to get to client development plans for key relationships.  Once the plans have been created the delivery can be managed by the leadership team or we can support as needed.

New business

Working with the leadership team to drive new revenue into the business: refining the sales process, identifying appropriate partners, pipeline development, onboarding of new clients

About the founder

Andy worked in marketing and advertising for over 17 years; as an owner of a start-up agency in the dotcom boom, as Client Services Director at the world’s largest independent digital shop and then managing significant pieces of global business at a large network. Throughout this time he led a range of disciplines within agencies, built long-lasting client relationships with some of the world’s biggest brands and managed significant revenue growth.

In 2016 he launched Family to connect start-ups with brands.

In 2018 Andy joined the Collider programme as a mentor providing commercial guidance to Collider start-ups.

Why he can help brands

Having worked with some of the world’s biggest brands and organisations Andy understands the type of tools and technologies that appeal to insight, marketing, brand, research and customer care teams. He understands the process and approach to take when introducing new technologies and he is also able to help Family partners communicate to the different teams/individuals within organisations, using the right language and helps them manage their relationships in the right way.

Why he can help tech companies:

Whilst setting up Family, Andy realised a need within young tech companies; especially those between seed and Series A funding. Many of these businesses have an opportunity to accelerate their revenue growth but may not have all the tools, experience or resources to do this effectively. Given his experience, he is in a strong position to support the leadership teams within these businesses. Most importantly, he has a passion for driving growth and knows how to make teams and businesses more commercial.

Becoming a part of Family...

  • Brands

    The best way to show what Family can do and the results we can achieve is to have a chat about your current challenges. We can share a broad range of case studies and applications of the Family approach. From providing fresh insight into Gen Z to helping a brand's call centres understand how to improve their conversations to supporting a travel company triple their online conversions.

    If you would like to learn more about Family, the work we’ve done and how we work we would love to chat further.


  • Tech companies

    If you would like to become part of Family we'd love to hear from you.  Please send us a note telling us a bit about yourself...