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Accelerate your growth and improve your adspend ROI with machine learning

Performance for SaaS

Family Performance utilises machine learning and performance media to increase ARR and accelerate growth for Seed and Series A level SaaS start-ups.

The media models we create can become self-funding within months, ideally delivering a PBP of less than one year and provide you with evidence for RoI when seeking investment.

Start-ups can plug into our experience without spending huge amounts of money or time on an agency or permanent staff.

As part of the process, start-up leadership teams will be educated in performance media channels and the role they can play in driving growth.

Let's Chat

Our Approach

We focus on paid social channels - Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn - as they provide a platform for low-cost learnings. This enables us to generate significant insight for your business:

Understand what messaging works best

Understand your customers: their influences, values, interests and media consumption and how to reach them efficiently

Explore new customer segments

Contrast your core customer base with selected target segments and/or competitor customers to understand needs and drivers

Identify key metrics per segment

Focused on, but not limited to: CAC, churn, proving LTV/CAC > 3, proving your PBP for different levels of investment

When, and if, we saturate paid social we take learnings into other channels: paid search, SEO, Display, repeating the above process and outcomes for each channel.

Why we do it

If you use social media for marketing or research you know the power of paid social and retargeting - and the limitations.

  • Lookalike Audiences are generated by the social platforms using irrelevant factors such as bands or foods your customers like
  • Paid social uses a black-box approach which doesn’t allow you to fully understand how they are targeting potential customers, or why
  • Most networks are friends-and-family first, with little information shared about professional roles, brand preferences or services that people use (except customer complaints). We need to use other sources for professional and lifestyle data
  • Lookalikes and Audience planning tools allow you to avoid competitors, but not to understand who they are targeting and what makes them appealing to their target customers
  • By contrast, professional networking sites provide accurate professional data but very limited reach via unsolicited Inbox messages

Benefits of using the model

Rapidly build rich profiles of your ideal and actual customers

Generate competitor insight: target or avoid verticals

Create more appealing ads and landing pages

Bid for smarter audience segments

Enjoy higher relevance on platforms

Pay a lower cost-per-click

Let's chat

The best way to show what Family Performance can do and the results we can achieve is to have a chat about your current challenges and needs. We can go through the process in more detail and share a broad range of case studies and applications of the Family Performance approach.