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Family: a more collaborative way of working

Over the years I have seen the growing disconnect between how clients want their agencies to behave and how agencies need to keep servicing their clients. In many current client/agency relationships, clients are hamstrung with fixed agency solutions - there is a limited talent pool within the agency, day rates can be expensive as they need to support non-billable staff, retainers are impractical and there are often many layers of account/project management between the client and the talent. The current model is designed to support the needs of an agency rather than the needs of a client.

Family is aimed at disrupting the traditional client/agency model. The ambition of Family is to replace the decades-old processes and systems with a fluid and nimble approach which makes the work better, more enjoyable and more efficient.

Working primarily with start-ups, small businesses and individuals we put the right family of talent around a specific need allowing them to work with you directly and collaboratively. There is no requirement for a large group of people to work on your project - you will only be given the talent required to solve the problem. You have direct access to the talent, saving time and money and a client’s family will often change from brand to brand, project to project depending on the need.

How it works - creating your family

1. Define the approach

2. choose talent from three siblings

3. create a family

The three siblings

We have purposefully partnered with the best people in the business and have experts all over the world; we’re based in the UK but the network extends into most markets.


We have a large group of senior planners and strategists who have worked across multiple categories. We also have specific experts to help with a particular audience or platform. Within our data offering , e have two approaches we focus on. The first uses language as data and we can offer insight to businesses/brands beyond traditional ways of using data for insight. The technology was originally built to catch bad guys in chat rooms and they now apply the technology to marketing challenges. The second approach is AI; we have the team who beat the pollsters and predicted the Trump win (plus 4/5 swing states) and redefined adidas’ approach to their broken onsite experience.

We also offer fresh and inventive approaches for getting to insight - ways in which you or your team can find answers to questions in unlikely places.


You have access to a range of multi-disciplined ECDs, CDs, creative teams, small creative businesses, start-ups and platform specialists e.g. FB video experts

The family talent has worked across most categories in most key markets: Financial Services, FMCG, Automotive, Retail, Travel and Fashion to name a few.


Film and photography - access to a world-class pool of production companies, directors, producers and photographers

Data visualisation - more and more clients have been asking for support in helping make data/reports/insights/real-time tools look stunning for internal and external comms

Becoming a part of Family...

The best way to show what Family can do and the results we can achieve is to have a chat about your current challenges. We can share a broad range of case studies and applications of the Family approach. From providing fresh insight into Gen Z to helping a global client understand an e-commerce opportunity in China, assisting a start-up gain a deep understanding of their online community to helping a travel company triple their online conversions.

If you would like to learn more about Family, the work we’ve done and how we work we would love to chat further.


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